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2017-2018 Basketball Schedule

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EZSchool Pay Lunch- Parents How to Guide

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2017-18 School Calendar

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2017-2018 Job Opportunities

    Highly Qualified Paraprofessional to serve in a Special Ed. capacity                                                                                                                                                Math 7-12  

MTSD Teacher of the Year Nomination

Procedure for selection of the Arkansas Teacher of the Year Candidate:

  1. Nominations will be accepted from teachers, parents and principals. All nominations should be submitted in narrative form.
  2. Nominations should be turned into the Superintendent's office by April 15, 2015.
  3. The deadline for selection will be May 15.
  4. The final selection will be made by a committee appointed by the superintendent. The committee will  consist of two administrators, two parents, one school board member, and a central office administrator.
  5. The committee shall determine the Teacher of the Year candidate by a vote of the committee members. (The central office administrator will vote only in case of a tie).
  6. The Teacher of the Year candidate will be responsible for submitting the completed application to the Arkansas Teacher of the Year Program.
  7. Please provide examples of the following:
  • an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled teacher, grades k-12 who is planning to continue in an active teaching role;
  • a teacher who inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
  • a teacher who has the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues;
  • a teacher who plays an active and useful role in the community as well as in the school district;
  • a teacher with a positive attitude towards the students, staff, community as well as the teaching profession.

Click here for the application for Teacher of the Year

New health immunization requirements

The Arkansas State Board of health has once again changed the rules and regulations pertaining to the immunization requirements to attend schools in Arkansas. Our local health department has ordered extra immunizations to insure that our students will receive their immunizations before returning to school in August of 2014. Please check with our local health department to see if your child needs further shots. Our health department in Marked Tree will have immunization clinics on the following days: Friday, May 16th       8:00-4:30                                                                                                           Monday, June 9th      8:00-5:30                                                                                                           Monday, July 28th      8:00-4:30                                                                                                           Friday, August 15th    8:00-4:30 They will do them on other days as walk-ins or if parents call and request an appointment.                Health Department  870-358-3615    

Arkansas Public School Choice Act *2015

Marked Tree School District participates in the Arkansas Public School Choice Act of 2015. The Act allows parents to apply for admission for their child to attend a school in any district beyond the one in which the parent resides. The law established a numerical net maximum limit on school choice transfers each school year from a school district, less any school choice transfers into the school district, under this section of not more than three percent (3%) of the school district’s three-quarter average daily membership for the immediately preceding school year. If a student seeks to attend a school in a nonresident district, the student’s parent shall submit an application to the nonresident district. The application must be on a form approved by the Arkansas Department of Education. The application must be postmarked no later than May 1 of the year in which the pupil would begin the fall semester at the nonresident district. The School Choice Act does not require a school district to add teachers, staff, or classrooms, or in any way to exceed the requirements and standards established by existing law. Any parent residing outside the Marked Tree School District that desires to send their child to the Marked Tree School District beginning with the 2015-16 school year may obtain an application in the superintendent’s office located at 406 St. Francis Street. Applications do not have to be resubmitted for students currently attending Marked Tree Schools under the School Choice Act. This notice is prepared in accordance with the Arkansas Public School Choice Act of 2015.